Saturday, June 30, 2007

RCMP musical ride

SO we went to the RCMP musical ride the other night. It was a mad house. I didn't expect this show to draw in so many people. The show, or what we saw of it, was pretty good. We did take off an hour early because we were pretty uncomfortable standing forward on a hill going down. My back after that hour, was killing me. So the part of the show we did see was pretty good, the horses and dogs and officers did a great job. The bad part of the show was that there was not enough seating, you could not touch the roped off areas, or lean on the rope, or go beyond the rope and the volunteers protecting the roped off areas, would not relax about it. Also the people on either side of us were driving me crazy.. Pushing and shoving, bumping and fighting.. I could not take it any longer. Some people have no respect for other people standing right next to them.. WOW in today's world, I guess this is what we should expect.

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