Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Never a wasted minute

I was talking to my sister last night and she wonders where I find the time to do some of the things I do, like painting, craft club preparations, card making etc.
I am a person who from the moment I wake up in the morning, just go, go, go like the energizer bunny. I create a list of things to do for me that day, and I don't stop until I get it all done. I am not one to sit around, I don't watch TV during the day, I like to get things done and accomplished, so I can sit back and relax in the evening.

Here are some of my tips for an organized life.

Keep your home clutter free - I hate clutter, and mess, and I have a neat and tidy home. I am not a cleaning maniac, but I do a little something everyday, whether it be dusting, or just picking up things lying around. Keeping your home clutter free, keeps your mind clutter free. When there is a mess in my home, I feel like I am a mess.

Keep track - Keep track of appointments, play dates, outings, etc. If you take the time to write things down, it will save you time and frustration and you will feel organized. I use my husband's old blackberry as my calendar to keep track of everything. It is a great tool.

Make a schedule - Schedule days to clean your house and break it up over 5 or 6 days that way things get done, without having spending an entire day doing it. Make a schedule on the once or twice a year tasks like cleaning the curtains and blinds, cleaning out the file cabinet etc.

Have a home for important papers - this will save time and energy when you need to find a receipt or other important papers. I keep all mine sorted in my file cabinet. I go through it once a year and shred anything that is not longer needed(this would be one of those once a year things to schedule down). Anything really important, like the deed to the house and the will I store in my safe.

Everything has a home - Try to give everything a home, which can save time and energy if you stick with this rule. You won't ever have to spend countless hours looking for something because it wasn't where it was suppose to be. I know in my house, even my kids know this rule. Put it back where you got it.. They do sometimes forget, but nobody's perfect.

Once you get organized, the hard part is to stay organized. But it is just like anything new, you have to work at it, until it becomes routine. It works for me.

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