Sunday, February 15, 2009

7 3/4 - 47

7 and 3/4 - 47.
These numbers represent the total Kilometers and time I ran them in.
I have never run over 6KM or over 40 minutes, so this was a milestone for me.

I headed out with a friend yesterday for a run. I have never run with her before, and we did great together. We ran 7.75 Kilometers in 47 minutes. I was very pleased that I accomplished this, but I was dying afterwards

My legs were hurting, my body exhausted. I came home, had a nice hot shower, covered my legs in A535 and then took some Tylenol and sat under my electric blanket for the night. I was passed out by 9pm. The run really exhausted me.
I think it was a little too much and long for me right now. I need to work more slowly and gradually, I like my workouts to give me a boost, not exhaust me.

We plan on running again next weekend, if the weather is good. Maybe we will do a little less this time round.

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