Friday, March 13, 2009

March Break

March Break starts today after school, or that is how I see it.

I have been checking out the following site Kids Ottawa, which shows many events happening in the Ottawa area all year.

Here are some ideas I have:
  1. St. Patrick's day parade (downtown Ottawa on March 14th*check the link to Kids Ottawa for details*)
  2. Plant our vegetable seeds for our garden
  3. Make St. Patrick's day cookies
  4. Go to the Maple Sugar bush
  5. Plan some play dates for the kids
  6. Decorate the house for Easter, as it is coming up fast
  7. Going to the library
  8. Swimming
  9. Skating
  10. Billings Bridge shopping mall has fun activities planned during the week
  11. Painting a ceramic piece at Gotta Paint
  12. set up the trampoline(which will keep the kids busy on the nice warm afternoons expected)
  13. biking
That is all I can think of at the moment. I am sure there will be other things happening.

So March break has ended and the kids had a great week. We didn't do everything on the list, but we had a busy week none the less. Here is what we did.

  • Monday
  • Met friends at a local park for a game of basketball
  • play date at our house
  • Tuesday
  • Went to the sugar bush for a pancake lunch
  • K had a friend over for a play date
  • Wednesday
  • March Break party - K had 3 girl friends and C had 2 boy friends over for a party. They did crafts, jumped on the trampoline, I made pizza and KD for lunch and then brownies and sundaes for dessert. Great time had by all.
  • Thursday
  • C went to a friends for a play date and lunch
  • K had 2 girl friends at our house for lunch.
  • We planted our vegetable and flower seeds for the garden.
  • Friday
  • A day with grandma. She took us bowling and to McDonald's for lunch.
  • The kids had a play date with friends in the afternoon
  • a sleepover planned int he evening.
  • Saturday
  • K had a play date at a friends house
  • C had a friend over
  • Sunday
  • Decorated for Easter

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