Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nit picking again

Yesterday, I sat nit picking for hours. My sister and her daughter both have lice.

It started last week, when my niece A, had an itchy head, and my sister, M, checked her head and found lice. She treated her hair, but she was having problems finding nits, because she really didn't know what she was looking for.

Yesterday, I went through A's hair, and found quite a lot of nits, and because she didn't do a second lice treatment(she didn't want to use the chemical shampoo again) the nits were starting to hatch and she must have had 20 or more live lice in her hair.

We treated her hair again, and my sister asked if I could check her hair. She was at the doctors on Wednesday and told him she had an itchy head, he checked, and couldn't see anything, but told her to treat anyways. She treated her hair Wednesday.

I checked yesterday and must have found over 100 nits and 1 large live lice crawling around. She treated herself again.

Tis' the year for lice. K has had it, friends of K has had it, and now my sister and niece.

If anyone is in the same situation and doesn't know what they are looking for, I found this great site when K had lice, called the lice squad, which shows pictures of what you are looking for and great tips on how to get rid of it. After I read the information on this site, I found myself feeling better about the situation. It is not as bad as other people say it is. You do a thorough clean at first but you don't have to do it everyday. The picking is the real saving grace.. I picked for 2 weeks straight and that for me was the way I got rid of all the lice once and for all.


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