Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The big talk

I had, what our moms would have called the big talk with my daughter this evening.
I had gotten her the book Just for girls(all about the changes that comes with puberty)
She had read it last week and I finally sat down with her this evening and explained what she didn't understand. Since I was sitting down explaining, puberty, breasts and periods, I decided, what the heck, might as well inform her how babies are made.. She giggled.

All in all it was a great discussion, and I am sure there will be many many questions over the years as changes start happening to her, and she starts to have feelings for boys, and all those wonderful moments.

It was a great bonding moment..


Ms. Porter said...

I don't know your history, but was this a different experience from when you were going through this phase in your life? I know my kids will have a different experience than I did, that's for sure.

Lizzy Borden said...

I remember my sisters and I being sat down and mom discussed everything with us. Then that was it. Nothing else after wards and we were too embarrassed to ask. My daughter has asked questions already and talks openly about it, which is the way it should be. So yes, for my children it will be a different experience then it was with me.