Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our First day of summer vacation

This morning the kids slept in. This doesn't happen very often, especially for C, but they both slept in.
After them waking, Hubby decided to work from home, and get in some exercise, so he went for a run. As he finished, I went out for a run. Boy was it hot, and this was at 730am. I got in a 5Km run, and then came home and did my 30 day shred video, showered, threw on some laundry, hung some on the line and the kids and I headed out with friends to play tennis.

The kids had fun, it was hot though and we didn't end up staying too long, just under an hour. After tennis, we biked home and went to a friends for a swim. The sun had gone in by then and it was starting to cool down. Rain was coming in. After our quick swim, we hightailed it home as I had laundry hanging out on the line drying. Even though hubby was home, he wasn't really paying attention to his surroundings.

We made it home just in time to take the clothes in, and then I made lunch and fed the kids, and found out we have a major fruit fly infestation. I have noticed them flying around the house, but in the summer with fruit sitting out, I always find we get a few fruit flies around. No big deal, everyone gets a few fruit flies around, but as I pick up an apple to get some fruit for the kids, a million and one fruit flies flew everywhere. I got my vacuum and started to suck them in. I got all the fruit flies by the end of the day. So things are under control.

Somehow, I had picked up a rotten leaky banana last time I went shopping, that I pitched as soon as it was discovered, and with the rest of the oh, so ripe bananas that I wanted to bake with a few days ago, I got them mixed into batter and baked some chocolate chip banana muffins since the weather had finally cooled down.

After doing that, I made a fruit salad with the tonne of fruit we have sitting in the fridge, I find it moves faster once it is cleaned and ready for eating, and then the kids and I went shopping. I needed some last minute supplies for our street party tomorrow, and the kids wanted to go and buy a webkinz.
C bought himself a guinea pig webkinz and a pack of Pokemon cards, and K bought herself 2 l'il kinz, a lioness and a oriole. We headed home, where I unpacked groceries, folded laundry, cut the grass with hubbies help, made dinner, cleaned up, and made nacho dip for my ladies night out night. C ended up at a friends house down the street and K played on webkinz online with her new webkinz.

What a great day we had. The kids had fun, and didn't fight, once. I had a great day, got in lots of exercise and a night out with friends. This was a grea start to what I hope is a wonderful fun and hot summer vacation...

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