Saturday, July 4, 2009

Great Reads

I am a Twilight Fan.

I loved the books and will read them again some day soon.
I am right into the whole vampire scene and can't read enough books about them. Right now, I am reading The Night World series written by L.J. Smith and am enjoying these immensely. I like the fact that it is smaller stories within the book and some stories bring up some of the past characters so you can get a glimpse at where their at now.

The next series I am going to read is called the Mortal Instruments and is written by Cassandra Clare. The first is called City of Bones, followed by City of Ashes and City of Glass.

After that, I have the marked series: A house of Night Novel to read. The first one is called, Marked, followed by Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed and Hunted.

After that series, I am going to read the Ink Exchange Series. There are three books, the first one is called Ink Exchange and the second is called Wicked Lovely and the third is called Fragile Eternity. These books are written by Melissa Marr.

Following that series, I will read the Vampire Diaries to get myself ready for the series premiering this fall on TV. These books are also written by the same author as Night World, L.J. Smith. Since I am liking the night world books so much, I might very well enjoy these as well.

So that is my line up so far. I might have more to choose from, because I can't seem to read fast enough. But so far I am enjoying the books alot.

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