Monday, July 30, 2007

grocery store irk

You know what irks me. When something is on sale at one of those discount grocery stores, like food basics, price chopper, no frills etc. They limit you to so many sale items you can buy.
If there is a good deal, I like to buy in bulk, I am sure like many other people, so it lasts a while.
So the other day I went to buy 5 blocks of cheese at price chopper. We go through alot of cheese, and the store limited me to 3. Come on, it is not like I am buying 50, it was five. I guess they are afraid of running out, and if that is the case, there is a simple solution, order more.
Sales are about drawing people in to get some good deals, and while they are there, they will shop for more items. I guess price chopper doesnt see it that way. Next time I see a sale there, I ain't going to waste my time going, I will just wait for the regular grocery stores to have a sale, and stock up there, they usually don't limit you.

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