Tuesday, August 7, 2007


So I think I am going to give up meat. I think....We don't eat a lot of meat now, but I think we are going to cut it out at home.
I am still thinking on it.
We started thinking about it, a couple months back when my husband and I watched fast food nation, and at the end of the movie, they show the slaughterhouse and what happens to the animals. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. Then the other day I read a magazine called alive. It is from the health food store and it is all about natural health etc. So they have in the magazine an article on the treatment of animals before being slaughtered. Chickens of course, are by far the worse treated animals. All the animals I read about were treated cruelly, they tell you what there living conditions are like, what they do to them in order for them not to fight with other animals, etc. It is very sad to read this. It makes me think, why the heck am I eating something that has lived a miserable life. In today's day and age, the govt should not allow these animals to live in these conditions. If it was a pet owner, who had there animal living in conditions like I have seen the chickens and pigs, then they would be charged and not allowed to own an animal and maybe face jail time.
Why do we not charge the big company's that have chickens living in there own feces and are being treated like dead animals already getting thrown around while they are alive, having their beaks seared off, so they don't peck at other chickens, pigs having their tails cut off so they don't bite off each others, because they have no room to move. Talk about cruelty. I guess it is all about the all mighty dollar..

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