Sunday, September 30, 2007


What is it with a big company like Bell Canada, who have people who work for them, who apparently can't do to much.
I called to have the bell bundles discount applied to my account, and to upgrade my Internet service and I had to deal with 4 different people to make this happen. I was very unimpressed. WHY, because not one person knows how to do more then one thing. As a large company I would think it better to train their employees on all products, especially those employees dealing with Clients. This shows the client that the company is efficient and knowledgeable and has trained their staff well.
Another complaint I have with Bell, is why I had to call to have the bell bundles discount applied to my account, when I have 3 bell services, that they can plainly see, but don't bother to apply it for me. I would like to see them upgrading clients accounts, applying discounts they deserve and sending them a little letter saying they have done that. Instead, I have to waste 1/2 hour of my time dealing with them to add this..
So far, what I had to deal with when calling bell, was a company that is inefficiently run, and staff who don't know about all the products Bell sells.
I will continue with Bell for now, and see how these changes affect my bill, but I am really considering changing to Rogers.. THE COMPETITION... Maybe they are a bit better at handling clients then Bell is.

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