Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas shopping done

SO I have finished my Christmas shopping. My husband picked up the last of the gifts that I had ordered yesterday. I am so happy. I still need to print a few pictures, and do some wrapping, but I don't have to go out to the busy malls and stores and wander around looking for gifts..
My husband and I are still looking for our gift, that my mother wants to buy us, that we are going to find today I hope, and then I don't want to go to the stores for anything but necessities.

Now the fun begins. I can't wait to start decorating the inside of the house. The outside looks great. We bought some extra lights this year, and some wreaths, and the house, I must say, looks great. Very festive indeed.

Next weekend we will decorate the inside of the house, and then the following weekend, we are getting a real tree, and will decorate it.

Then I will work on some Christmas baking. This year, in our yearly cookie exchange, I am taking the easy way out and dipping fortune cookies in chocolate.. Simple, easy, yet so very very tasty.

I can't wait for the holiday fun stuff to begin

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