Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another issue left in others hands

I don't know about the problems that seem to keep occurring with me lately, but I am getting fed up with it. I have been dealing with the govt about my baby bonus, which still is not fixed to this date. This has been an ongoing issue since July 2007. Then I made some changes with Bell, which of course, did not happen, so I had to deal with them again. We will see if it gets done this time. This issue has been going on for 2 months now. The next issue I have to deal with is our dental plan benefits.
We just recently visited the dentist, and our dentist electronically files our claim for us. We rec' our claim cheque in the mail and it is less then I expected. I look in to the reason why and it is because they have me being at the dentist office in Feb 2007 when the actual date was Jan 2007, and I am only covered once every 9 months, so this date has messed everything up. They are a week off in filing my claim and then a week off filing my sons claim. My son however, was covered, because he has coverage, once every 6 months. So now I have to call the dentist office, to have them fix this date problem, so I can be covered for this claim.

Another issue I have to let others deal with and hope things get fixed. I hate having to rely on others to get things done properly. If it was me, I would have it done by now, but I have to rely on them. My fingers are crossed that all these issues will be fixed this month.

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