Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Organizing a big job, but I love it

I am currently organizing a huge event at my kids school. The annual Christmas craft fair and silent auction. I am in charge of organizing all the silent auction donations, which I am hoping for more as the selection at this point in time is not the greatest. I have delivered letters to many area businesses requesting donations so I am hoping they will donate a little something to this event. I did get a call yesterday from one business willing to make some kind of donation so I will pick it up some time this week. It is nice that they aren't just overlooking my letters.

I am also booking the crafters, to date we have 22 tables booked, which is a good turnout. There is still 4 days to book a table, so hopefully we will have more join our fair.

I am also in charge of finding volunteers. That is the biggest job. So far we have 26 people for the day of, willing to help out which is fantastic, but there is always room for more.
I am happy with how everything is slowly but surely coming together. Things are taking shape. Next week we will be full swing getting things ready and prepared.
Organizing this is a huge job and responsibility, but I am enjoying the challenge. I do love organizing, especially my home, but this job just proves to me how I really do love it.

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