Monday, February 18, 2008

Non family day

It is family day here in Ontario, today the first family day ever. My husband works for the federal government and he is working today. So for us it is non family day.
To name this holiday family day I think was ridiculous. Half of the people are working and their families are at home without them (like me) or they have had to make arrangements with a sitter. So for them, the govt is imposing a hardship.
Mind you for other families, this will be a great day for them. They will be home together.

My sister works at a retail store, and their store is closed, along with many other stores. Her store is unionized and this holiday is not in their contract, so they do not get paid for it.
How lovely of the govt to impose this holiday and have businesses close and not pay their employees for it. What a lovely mess the govt has made. But that is what the govt seems to be good at.

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