Monday, February 4, 2008

Picky Children

It is hard dealing with picky children.
I have very picky children, mostly with food, but they are picky about what they wear too. They don't care about fashion, for them it is about what they like and what is comfortable.

My kids do not eat very much. They are very picky about food, and have some strange fear of trying new foods. I am a picky eater as well, but I eat more then them. There are alot of things I don't like and won't try because of looks or just because I know what it is. I won't eat different kinds of meat, like deer, or duck or even lamb. Just chicken, turkey, ham and beef for me. Please.

My kids do not eat meat, at all, not even a hot dog, which I really don't buy because they are rotten for you. The meat I do buy, chicken, beef, and ham they will not try. Not even a hamburger. When we go to Mcdonalds, which isn't very often, but when we do, my son will order a hamburger and take the burger off and just eat the bun. My son loves ketchup sandwiches. YUCK. He wants ketchup on a hot dog bun for lunch everyday. As long as he has fruit with it, I am OK with it. It isn't the worse thing for him.

My daughter loves KD and pasta with butter and parmesan cheese. But only regular pasta. Yesterday we had cheese filled ravioli, and she was in tears, because I forced her to try one, before I made her something else to eat. She didn't like it, so she got a bowl of cheerios with milk for dinner.

I don't know how to get my kids to try new foods. WE tried, no dessert, no big deal, they just pass up dessert and don't try things. I tried creating the TRY FAIRY, and when they tried something new the TRY FAIRY would visit them at night and leave something special under their pillow, like a small toy. This did not work either. If I do get my kids to try something, they try a tiny bite and they say I don't like it right away and I will have to pull teeth the next time I serve it to get them to try it again. I don't know what else I can do.

I am thinking in the meantime to buy Greens+ for kids and then some for me, as we do not get the recommended amount of green vegetables. TO be honest, I am not a green vegetable fan, so I don't even buy them, because I don't like them, I won't cook with them. SO I will wait till I see a sale on this powder and try it. I hope my kids like drinking green juice... HMMMMM that might be a tough one.

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