Sunday, January 20, 2008

Loot Bags

I am planning my own son's birthday party and we have cut back dramatically on the amount of guests he is allowed to invite, which is very hard to do. I have limited him to 12 guests, approximately half the amount of children who were here last year. It is hard to do because there are so many friends, but we have to start sometime and as they are getting older now is the time to start. He has to pick the 12 friends he plays with the most this year. Next year, I think we will limit to 4 or 5 and do dinner at a restaurant and a movie.

Now with the 12 guests he has picked, we now have the loot bag dilemma. I hate loot bags, because they are usually full of junk toys that break in less then a minute. In previous years, I have made Cd's of the kids favorite songs with a treat and that has worked out great. My limit use to be under $5 per kid for their loot bag, but I am cutting back on this as well this year. I will now limit to under $2 per child per loot bag. With 12 kids this year that still totals $24. Now this is a hard task to do, but I have picked up stuff on sale and I think I did pretty good. I don't think the stuff I bought is to junky.

1. Halloween pencils -$1
2. Halloween erasers -$1
3. Skeletons -$3
4. Wooden bats to color _$3
5. glitter glue -$6
6. large box of smarties each -$8
7. cupcake each -$1.20
TOTAL -$23.20 + tax = $26.45

So I think I did pretty good. I went a little over my amount, but it is still pretty good.

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