Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I don't like buses.

I like to take my car and drive myself around for the convenience of getting to where I want to go quickly.

I have taken the bus and I don't like the bus. I find the drivers drive to jerky and I feel like I am going to fly out of my seat half the time. I feel there are far to many bus stops, and if you are not on an express route, it takes far to long to get where you want to go.

I don't like buses, because they are stinky. If I am running, walking or biking outside and a bus passes me, I have to hold my breath so I don't inhale the toxic fumes coming from it, that seem to last forever after it passes.

I don't like being a driver behind a bus on a single lane road, because you are stuck making the stops with it. If I wanted to make 100 stops, I would take a bus, but I am in my car trying to get somewhere for a certain time and I wish it would get out of my way.

I don't like how the buses have their own lanes on major highways. I believe if you are 3 or more people in a car, you should be able to ride in that lane as well. I see a major highway in our city, with a lane that is used only for buses, with buses so seldom in them. What a waste of a lane.

I like my car and the convenience of having a car of my own to run around town in.

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