Wednesday, March 19, 2008

coin car washes

I love the coin car wash. During the winter months they are great for just being able to drive in and wash all the rust causing salt off the cars.

I took my car over to the coin wash on the way to the superstore today. It is mid day and the perfect time to go, because on the weekends it is very busy.

The coin washes are great, but those that go there, and spend $10-$12 on washing their car, irk me. For that price, you might as well go through a proper car wash and save 1/2 hour of your time and everyone else's time waiting in line. It irks me, because those that are in line waiting for a quick rinse off of their car like myself, have to wait 1/2 hour for those that feel they have to spend that amount of money and use up so much time, meticulously scrubbing their cars. I think the coin washes should have a 10 minute maximum, just for quick rinses. I spent $3 yesterday for 5 minutes and had enough time to give my car a good soap up and rinse off. I don't think you need to spend more than that amount of time.

Of course, in the spring, when the weather is a bit nicer, I will spend a good while scrubbing my car inside and out, at my own home, while no one is waiting on me.

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