Monday, March 17, 2008

Children and Fear and Anxiety

This subject is kind of scary, once you start reading up on it. I have just read about how to help my daughter deal with fear and anxiety, and really it is just encouraging them to take slow steps to try to deal with it, take deep breaths, listen to music, and talk about it, etc.

Yesterday my daughter had a headache and a stomachache and was afraid she was going to throw up. Her main fear was that she was going to throw up. She gets so worked up about things she makes herself sick. She had a stomach bug while we were on vacation 2 months ago, which I guess has freaked her out a bit.

She really is timid in nature. She is afraid of dogs, the forest, and watching new movies, because she thinks something might scare her. I told her the next step if this keeps happening to her is to go and talk to the doctor and get more help on the issue.

I hope she learns to deal with fear and anxiety. Everyone suffers through it during certain times of our lives, and we deal at the time. We have learned to. She just needs to learn how to deal with it. That could be a tough challenge for her, but one I am sure she can complete.

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