Friday, July 18, 2008

Eco-Odyssee Water Labyrinth

We just went and did this water maze out in Wakefield Quebec. I must say it is a very neat adventure. They do not take Interact as they do not have power, so if you are going to go, you either go with cash or a credit card.

So you get there, and go through this information session on how it works. Since we were the only English speaking people there, we got a private session and we were done well before the other group was.

After your session, you are given a compass, guidebook, and direction cards. You then get life jackets and hop in your paddle boats. Then you need to find which way you are going, and start the maze. It is a lot of fun. It is really nicely laid out, and the directions were pretty easy to follow. You learn about the wild life found in the Marshes, and find clues a long the way. The kids liked it. C happily looked for clues, and K helped by flipping through the guide book to find which animal we were looking for, which would tell you the direction you needed to go.

We did get mixed up once, and could not find our second clue, so since it was raining we skipped it and went on to the next clue.

After we finished the maze which took us about an hour, we park our boat and then you take your clues and fill out some anagrams based on the clues you got. They tell you the names of 6 different frogs. Once you have the names, you go to a walking path and find the frogs that you uncovered in your anagrams and put your hand up to them and they tell you a letter, you put the letters together to find out the creator of the Marsh, which I won't spoil for anyone interested in going. It was a nice afternoon. After we were done the maze, we headed into the town of Wakefield, got the kids some ice cream, some candy from the candy store and some baked goods from the bakery.

Worth going too, more than once, as there are many different maze directions and clues. A lot of fun.

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