Friday, July 18, 2008

About me and the kids

Hmmm... Since I am blogging differently, maybe I should give you an update on the family.
So there is me, a SAHM, who also works a few hours a week with the City of Ottawa. Here are some traits that describe me, stubborn, self confident, creative, independent, friendly, definitely hard working, busy, responsible, helpful, energetic, and loving.

Hubby works full time as an IT specialist and makes a good living, so I am lucky enough to be able to be a SAHM. Here are a few traits that describe him, resourceful, helpful, handsome, inventive, intelligent, hard working, fun loving, successful, loving, proud, and gentle.

Our girl, K, is 8 years old and will be going into grade 3. She is very dramatic and has many fears. She is definitely a introvert and needs time to adjust to change. Here are some traits that describe her, she's lovable, a leader, very neat and creative, helpful, intelligent, friendly, shy, responsible, and thoughtful.

Our boy, C, is 6 years old and will be in Grade 1 this year. C is very comical, and can laugh at himself and his mistakes. He is more of an extrovert that K and if you get him excited, he talks non stop. Here are some traits that describe him, he is lovable, funny, can be very stubborn like me, he is very imaginative and creative, mischievous and daring, happy, cooperative and very energetic.

That is a brief outline of who we are. Hope you enjoy our adventures!

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