Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bad night

Being a mom has it's good nights and it's bad. Last night it was a bad night. Here are the details leading into my long unrestful night.

Yesterday afternoon we had friends over for dinner. The kids had a blast playing with their kids. C was complaining that his belly hurt. I figured it was from all the chips and junk he had been eating. He seemed to be playing well, so I assumed it would pass. But it didn't.

Even before bed, I assumed it was that he had to poop, and that he was constipated. K has gone through some real constipation issues and right now she is OK. I hope I don't have two kids going through issues like this. Anyhow, I gave C some of K's medicine she has been taking for the last 2 months to keep her regular. Since C couldn't remember when he last pooped, I thought this was the problem.

Last night putting him to bed, his tummy still hurt, but he fell asleep, so I thought his tummy ache was passing. I was wrong. He was up at 1045pm and was in some real pain. I sat with him and rubbed his belly. He was in so much pain he threw up a little in the garbage can. I got him to take some Tylenol and I stayed with him till just after 1am. He managed to fall back asleep and I didn't hear from him the rest of the night. If he is still in some real pain today I think I will have to take him to the clinic and get him checked. I am hoping he just has to poop or something simple like that.

After I headed back to bed, I tossed and turned all night. It was a terrible night. I was concerned over C and his tummy. I hope he is better this morning. I still have the garbage can of puke in his room. I am sure that will be nasty to deal with this morning.. YUCK!

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