Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A oopsie

So here I am ready to vent about a little oopsie that happened today, involving a car and my son.

So we are heading home from playgroup on our bikes, and C must have looked in another direction or misjudged the distance he was away from a van parked on the side of the road, but he accidentally ran into it. He was OK and a quick glance at the van and it looked OK. So we continued home. This happened on my street and I know the owner of the car. Well his neighbor saw me, and I saw her and my neighbor calls within 20 minutes and says not so nicely that C damaged his car and what do I want to do about it. I told him, I was very sorry and that I didn't see damage, but if there is, we will gladly pay to have it repaired. I called husband and he told me to go and see the damage. Now this neighbor of ours, we use to be friends with. We would talk and he has helped us with a couple things around our house, but in the last year, he has grown distant and doesn't even acknowledge a friendly hello. I am not sure if I did something to offend him, but I guess I will never know. SO leave it to say that we don't really talk much anymore.

Anyhow, I head over to check out the damage, and believe it or not, it is barely visible, a teeny tiny little scratch, that you can barely see, probably about the size of the tip of my pinky fingernail. Yep, it really is that small. I am not even sure if it was C who made that scratch because of where it is. It is on the back of the bumper, and I thought C had hit the side, but I guess, we can not prove otherwise. Well I ask his neighbor if he is around, as she is looking after his kids, and believe it or not, he is too busy to come and talk to me and discuss options.

So I guess I have to go back when his wife is home and hope she will talk to me, and officially apologize face to face and I also would like to get a picture, to see if anyone we know would do a quick estimate by eye and just for our own protection.

I just think the damage is pretty minor and the fact that a little boy accidentally bumped into the car just makes me think he is being pretty petty. I would just rub it up to another dent in the car. But that wouldn't be any fun.

...... I talked to the wife last night and she was very understandable. I told her I would gladly pay for the damage to be repaired and she really didn't respond, other than she knew it was an accident. I brought husband with me to have a look at the damage and he couldn't really find it. I pointed it out and asked him later what he thought it would cost to fix and his estimate is $10 for a stick of touch up paint. I guess time will tell what will happen next.

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