Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rain Rain go away.... Come again some other day

SO another gray miserable rainy day. I am so sick of all this rain. This summer, we have had a lot of rain.
Compared to last year, when I was watering my lawn and garden every other day, this year, I have watered one time. I haven't had too because of all the rain we have had.

Ottawa in June had 22 rain days out of 30. 22. That is crazy. So we pretty much had 3 weeks of rain. July is turning out the same as June. This week, has been gray and raining, and lots of thunderstorms. It's hard on the kids, when you plan something and have to cancel because of the rain. It is upsetting for them.

So yesterday a friend hosted a pool party and since it wasn't raining, we went. Well it was freezing. The pool was warm but the air was cold. My kids swam for a little and got out and dressed in dry clothes as they were cold. I didn't swim, because the air is too cold for my liking.

Today we were suppose to head up to a local park and play at the splash pad. I think we will still go unless it is raining. Right now it is not raining, but it is pretty early in the morning. We are heading out for 1030 am. If it is raining, the rain date is for tomorrow, but tomorrow's forecast looks as bad as todays..

I am sick of this gray rainy weather... Oh, Mr. Sun, please come out and play.

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