Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another week down

I can't believe how fast summer is going by. Someone mentioned to me that next Friday will be August 1. I can't believe how fast July has flown by.

This week, we ended up having a pretty good week. It was pretty busy for the most part. Here is a run down of our week

Monday - Met up with friends at a local park, when it started to rain, we came back here for a play
Tuesday - We had playgroup in the morning and then we went to Karter's corners to play mini golf in the afternoon
Wednesday - We attended a pool party at a friends house.
Thursday - Plans got canceled due to rain, so we pretty much stayed home the entire day
Friday - We spent the morning at Centerpointe park, headed home and then to mom's pool for a swim, it has been almost a week since we were last there, due to the rain and cooler temperatures
Saturday - We spent the day preparing for guests for dinner. It was a nice day. The kids enjoyed having friends over.
Sunday - The kids had friends over again in the morning, we went swimming, shopping and then home for the rest of the day

The kids had a fun week and are wondering what fun plans we have for next week.

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