Monday, July 28, 2008

Other responsibilities

I have many other responsibilities on my plate. I have already started some of them.

Along with school starting in September, I return to my PT work. This year I will be instructing 2 other classes, since I have a bit of extra time with the kids being at school all day. My regular class is all set up and I am prepared to start. The other classes, I have to get together with the friend I will be teaching with and find out what needs preparing and what themes we are going to pick. I am sure that will be happening early September.

I am a big organizer. I have just finished preparing a year long list of Ladies night out events that I organize. I pick an event once a month and a date and send out the emails and organize things. I don't mind doing it at all. It is nice to do things like this. I have been running the ladies night out group for many years now and it is enjoyed by all.

Another thing I organize is playgroup. I have been running the playgroup for 7 years now. Since K was just a baby. This was my way of getting friends together and the kids together. Playgroup has grown substantially over the years. We rotate between houses so we all have a chance to play host. We also serve lunch to the kids before school and in the summer months we meet up at the parks so it is a little more laid back. I have just finished the new playgroup rotation which will run till the end of the year. In November or December, I will do another year long rotation.
My kids have loved playgroup and now with them being in school and a lot of the kids growing up and starting school full time, playgroup is now going to be renamed the moms coffee club. A get together for us moms to talk and catch up on each others happenings.

The start of school brings the start of my job to organize the Fall craft fair. The date has been picked. We just have to book the gym and start the process of organizing the event, advertising the event and getting crafters to come out and sell their wares. We have to get donations for the silent auction and bakers to donate items to the bake sale and the list goes on. I ran the event last year, and this year should be a lot easier since I have done it before and know the process. It helps that I have a few friends who are willing to help out. Makes the job go a lot smoother. The kids enjoyed this event last year.

So these are some of the things that I organize. My other responsibilities......


Frances said...

I am too a SAHM. Summer has been great with my two kids, but I am SOO looking forward to school starting!

But with school comes all the organizing and such, I too am a roomparent and PTA volunteer.

Last year, a friend of mine started Qlubb ( to make it easier for room parents and playgroups to get online and get organized.

I used it last year for my daughter's class and it was great - I highly recommend all busy parents try it.

Lizzy Borden said...

Thanks. I will definitely check it out. I am really into organizing events and like to keep on top of things. This might make my life a little bit easier.