Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mostly SAHM

I am a mostly SAHM. I have a few jobs outside of being a mom.

I started with the City of Ottawa going on 4 years now. It all started, when one of the instructors that use to teach my kids, wanted to work with me.
I hummed and hahhed about it for a while, because a) I wasn't looking for a job, and b) I still wanted to be home with the kids. In the end, I agreed as a foot in the door for the future and also because my mom agreed to watch the kids for the 3 hours one morning a week. I have been teaching the same class for the last 3 years.

I also have been doing daycare on and off over the years. I started in daycare when K was a baby and husband wasn't working his current job. I wasn't ready to go back to work, and when K was born, the maternity leave was only 6 months long. So I decided to get into daycare to make some money and still be able to be home with K. I had taken on one little boy and the two of them were like two peas in a pod, best buds. When C came along, I stopped for a few years. I got back into it, when a friend needed help with her two girls after school. Since I was heading up to the school every afternoon to pick up K from Kindergarten, I thought sure, why not. I watched them for a year. When they stopped coming to me, I started for another friend who really wanted me to watch her kids. Her kids are the same ages as my kids and I thought, sure why not. She works as a nurse and her shifts are anywhere from 1-3 times a week. I agreed. I have been watching them now for 2 years going on 3.

This spring, I started a home help job. Going into seniors homes or those with disabilities and helping them with things, to keep them in their homes longer. Since I started in the spring and I wasn't looking to start until September, I took on only one client. I have been visiting her since May. I was going to take on more in the Fall to keep me busy, but the City has offered me more classes that I have agreed to take on.

So now decision time. I have thought about it for the last week and I think the best thing for me is to stop the home help program. It is sad because I did enjoy doing it and I never really did get started on it. I don't want to be running around all day and then exhausted by pick up time. In the future if I have more time available I will definitely take it back on.

So I will continue with the daycare kids which will be after school only. I will teach the 3 classes with the City of Ottawa and just keep with that this year and see how things go.

My weekly run down will now look a little like this

Monday - Get things done around house day+ shopping done
Tuesday - coffee club 9-11am and then teach my class 1115-1230
Wednesday - teach my class 1045-115
Thursday -teach my class 830-1130
Friday - Get things done around the house day

So as you see there isn't really room to squeeze anything more in between my days except a work out. See blog

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