Monday, August 11, 2008

Show jumping tournament

We just went to the National Equestrian Park show jumping tournament.
We see this event from the highway every year and have never been. This year we decide to check it out. I have added on my list of Fun things to do in Ottawa.

A few weeks ago, another event was taking part at the park and we checked it out. It was OK, I think it was just what they call dressage. K really enjoyed it and has requested to try horse back riding. I will definitely take her in the near future. She is such a timid person, if she wants to try something like this, I think great, good for you.. Lets do it.

So the show jumping tournament was really good. We arrived and paid to get in at the parking lot. The cost was $5 per person and the kids were free. So $10 for us to all see this, was pretty cheap. There was plenty of parking, and there was plenty happening. We were there, just before 1pm, and the main show was starting at 2pm. We saw a couple horses practicing the little jumps, and then we saw some dressage and winners. Then we headed over to the Grand Prix ring, where we awaited the show for about 20 minutes. Once the show started it was really good.

The horses can really jump high. It is amazing to see. The jumps are about as big as the horses. we saw about 10-12 competitors out of the 27. It was a neat site to see, and definitely worth going to. K was a little upset as she wanted to see them all, but that would take to long, and because we have never been, we hadn't brought any chairs to sit on. I think we will check it out next year. There is still another weekend of it here in Ottawa, but we will wait till next year.

It is definitely worth going to, even if you aren't into the sport, it is a site to see.. Just remember, if you do go, bring along some chairs to sit on.

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