Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Horse back riding

Since we saw the show jumping tournament the other day, K has been wanting to go horse back riding. Since she is a very timid and anxious girl, and she wants to try something this adventurous I want to go with it.

Pinto Valley Ranch is the closest place I have found that offers pony rides to kids under 11 but only in the Rodeo ring. You have to be 11+ years to go on a trail ride.

I am not very happy. I was hoping we could make a day of it and all of us go, but it looks like we won't be able to do this.

A friend gave me a number to a stables she thinks might offer trail rides for families or kids under 11 and I called yesterday and left a message with no response as of yet. I am not holding my breath.

.......I found another place online yesterday and emailed them. I got a response the same day. Unfortunately they too do not offer trail rides to anyone under 13 years old. So it looks like if K wants to try horseback riding, it will have to be at Pinto Valley Ranch. I guess it will give her a good taste of what it is like. Just not as fun.

So now what do I do? I guess I will keep researching and hopefully will find something or somewhere where she or all of us can go trail riding.

For anyone else looking for trail riding for kids under 11, don't waste your time. I have spent countless hours online researching, and looks like there isn't anything out there in and around Ottawa that offers trail riding for kids under 11. If someone knows otherwise, please please let me know.

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