Friday, August 15, 2008

Storyland a disappointment

Storyland was a total bust. Even though my kids had an alright time, mostly due to the part they had a bunch of friends there with them, I was VERY disappointed.

Storyland was slated to close last year, when someone bought it out and decided to update and reopen it for this summer. I had been years and years ago when C was just a baby and K was about 2 years old and wasn't all that impressed with it, but since it had new owners and they forked out some money to do a bit of updating, I decided it was worth checking out again.

We arrived, and I had great expectations that this visit would be worth the $40 for the three of us to visit. But it wasn't. We started the tour, and noticed nothing new, the playgrounds were still old, the story's were still old and everything was still old.. The new things we noticed was a little boat ride, and I mean little, they added a jeep rally, which my kids couldn't ride, because it was more for the smaller kids, and a new place to eat, which is just a little hut in the middle of the woods offering burgers and dogs. Everything was still so old and unchanged. I thought maybe the paddle boats had been updated, but nope, you are still on the same small swampy pond, paddling around in a little circle, I was just unimpressed. I was so unimpressed and won't go back again, but there are people that go there time and time again. I just can't imagine why.

We head over to the splash pad and that wasn't anything special either. The local parks around here offer a better splash pad for free. They also had mini putt, which was rather old and needed a lot of work.

In the end, I feel the whole place still needs a MAJOR upgrade. They have to sink money into the place and come up with some new stories, new characters and new fun things geared towards kids of all ages. They have a great spot where they are, they just need to make some changes and a little ride and some jeeps geared towards little kids, just aren't cutting it.

I hope to hear about big changes in the future. Storyland hasn't changed in the last 45 years and Ottawa needs a fun place to bring our kids year after year, with new things added yearly, as I like change and change is what brings people back.

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anji said...

We went there also this summer and our niece had a great time. I was actually happy someone bought it and it takes a lot of work to revitalise something like that. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Storyland! My grandpa helped build it and I'm 30 years old now, so my dad had a part in building it too. However, I'm not wanting to sound bad or anything but I think it is also what you are used to, that can determine what your satisfaction level is for it. It isn't meant to be a Canada's Wonderland or Disney-type park. For the kids in the area who don't have anything else, this is their *big* thing... either they can't travel far due to farm committments, or they just can't afford it.

Please give them another two or three years to get things up and running, and to add some of the features they still want to... and try it again!

Hope you aren't offended by this but - I just wanted to put my two cents in...


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