Friday, August 15, 2008

Bike Stolen

I popped by moms last night for a swim and found out my father's bike had been stolen out of his open garage, in the middle of the day.. I can't believe someone got away with it.
My dad has been searching every time he goes out, but with no luck. He has reported it to the police, but it doesn't seem promising that his bike will show up.

It is sad that you can't even leave your garage open while you are at home.. During the day. What is the world coming too?

We had a bike stolen out of our garage years ago and had to pay to have it replaced. Since then we keep our garage closed most of the time. My husband even keeps his bikes locked inside the garage, just in case, because there are times we are working in the backyard and the garage is open. I think it might be wise of us to keep all of our bikes locked up in the garage, as an added safety measure.

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