Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well my darling little girl was in the doctor's office today showing off her golf sized Tonsils.

She has been complaining of sore throats, dry throats, and she chokes quite often, I have also heard her snoring lately. I took a look last week at her tonsils and they were huge. It wasn't something I thought had to be seen by a doctor yet, I thought I would check again in a few days and see what they look like. I looked again a few days later and they were still large. I had my husband look at them and he agreed they were big. It wasn't until the other day when I had my mother look at them that she said she should be checked out by the doctor.

I took her to the doctors today and the doctor agreed, that yes they are big. She took a swab, and sent it to the lab, to test for Strep, which could be a reason for them being so big. If this comes back positive I will get a phone call and she will be put on antibiotics. If it is negative, we will have to calendar every complaint about her throat she makes until she is seen again. It is nothing to worry about at this point in time. Yes they are big, but do they take out her tonsils?

Hopefully not. If she can make it to her teen years without to many problems , tonsils apparently will shrink down, but until then though, if she starts having alot of issues with sleep apnea(when you stop breathing while you sleep) which we have to check out while she is sleeping and/or tonsillitis over the next year, then she will have to be seen by and E.N.T (ear/nose and throat doctor) and then the decision will be made if her tonsils will have to be removed.

When she was a baby she started with ear infections. She had one after another after another starting at 8months of age and lasting until she was a year and half. She had to be seen by an E.N.T at that point and there was discussion about having tubes put in her ears. First he was going to try her on low dose antibiotics for 3 months to see if this would help and it did, her problems disappeared. She still had a few problems after she was taken off the antibiotics, but nothing re-occurent and she didn't need to have tubes put in. Today she still has ear issues, not infections that often, she has had swimmers ear a few times, but nothing inner ear. Her ear issues are due to sensitivity to noise and it is probably damage to her ear drums due to constant ear infections. I am writing about this, because your ears/nose and throat are all connected. So I am just wondering if this tonsil issue is and ear issue was one in the same just happening at different stages in her life. Poor girl, has had to deal with her ears when she was little and her throat now..

I had tonsil issues when I was a kid and so did Hubby, so it is definitely genetic. I hope she outgrows them as we both did.

For now, we are to calendar all her complaints about her throat, and if it becomes worse, she will have to be seen again.. The season is almost upon us for colds and flus and I guess we will see how she does this year with throat issues.

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