Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Deals in the States

So we went to Massena N.Y. yesterday and did some shopping. I don't think I would go back there ifI were to go the states again, as they didn't really have a lot of shopping.
So we got there about 10am and headed to the St.Lawrence Center. It is a dead shopping Center.
We did find a some deals at TJ Maxx, JC penny and Steve and Barry's, but really those were the only good stores in that mall. We headed to the Walmart Superstore after the mall and bought some stuff there too. All in all I feel I got some pretty good deals. Here is a list of what I got

Slippers for hubby - $20
Nike pants for C -$10
Venom Long sleeve shirt for C -$7
3 Mario Kart shirts-1 for C and 2 I picked up for friends -$37
2 outfits for my niece - $20
skateboard for C - $11
Ben 10 Alien force figurines - 5 @$5 each - $25
Cheerleader costume for K - $13
polly pocket doll for K - $6

So I spent about $150 US. Then I got gas there too, which worked out to be under $1 a litre for gas, so I got a good deal on gas too.

When we crossed the border, we told them what we had and how much we spent each and we didn't have to pay any duty, we got to just go on our way. BONUS.. So I even got some better deals.

All in all, in was a fun time.

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