Sunday, September 28, 2008

The loss of our pet

Well today we had to make a tough decision and put down our pet budgie, Sam.

Our bird was the cutest little thing. She was such a happy bird, she loved to play and be talked to and come out for a visit.

We got her in Feb 2007 and she was only 1 year old.

This week she started to limp on her leg and then it went to the other leg and then she couldn't even stand on her perch. She was pulling out her feathers, gasping for breath and banging her head. I couldn't let her go on any longer like this. As pet owners, this is probably one of the worst decisions you have to make. I couldn't let her suffer any longer, and it was the best decision for her. We were all in tears at the loss of her. She is now buried in our garden and K made her a stone to mark her burial spot. She will be missed tremendously.

It was a very sad day for our family.

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