Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feeding the Chickadees

It was a beautiful mild fall day today. The sun was peeking out on occasion but it was nice that it wasn't freezing.

We had a few hours, before the kids had a play date, so we decided to head out to one of Ottawa's greenbelt paths and feed the birds.

Friends of ours have brought their kids out there and told us that the chickadees eat right out of your hands, if you bring them food. So we thought we would check it out.

When we arrived, we step onto the path and can hear the chickadees signing. I hold up my hand and stand still and a bird landed on my fingers took a seed and flew away.
We walked a bit farther in and found a great spot full of chickadees and chipmunks. The kids loved them landing on their hands and eating. It was great. We must have fed them for about an hour. We got lots of pictures. We all had a great time and the kids want to go back again next weekend.

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