Sunday, October 19, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

I picked up this great book from the Library written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife Jessica, Deceptively Delicious. It is a book helping you get vegetables into your children.

My kids are very picky. You can read more Here.

So I am reading this book and it is well written. She uses vegetable puree and mixes them into all sorts of foods that kids will eat. Now some of the recipes don't look that appealing to me and I know my kids won't even touch them, but some are great. Like making banana bread with cauliflower puree, and pancakes with squash puree etc.

So this week, when I grocery shop, I am going to buy some of these vegetables, cook them and puree them and then freeze them and see if I can sneak them into things my kids will eat, without them even knowing. Let the deception begin.

I picked up some veggies and cooked and pureed them. Now I have to start sneaking them into things. I did carrot, squash, sweet potato and cauliflower. I hope the kids don't taste any of these things in my recipes. We will see.

I have put Carrot puree in my bottle of Heinz ketchup and the kids have no clue. This is great so far. My son who loves ketchup is getting a bit more veg than usual and he doesn't even know it.
I have added sweet potato puree to chicken soup and you can't even tell it is there. I have added cauliflower puree to turkey meatloaf and not notice any change. This is great. You can sneak in vegetables and you can't even tell. Now I just have to sneak them into muffins or cookies and see what that tastes like.

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