Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Husband and I are thinking of switching our slowly shrinking mutual fund RRSP's to GIC RRSP's because of the way the stocks are going right now. We might end up losing a lot of what we have saved. I am afraid to look at our statement this month.

Lately I have been seeing our funds going down and down and looking pretty sad, but our investment adviser insists that since they are in there for the long run, you might as well leave them in there. This is just a minor glitch and things will bounce back eventually.

I am still not sure. I like to see my money growing and not shrinking, and even if we move them into something that won't grow as quickly, at least we know it won't shrink. I am not sure what we are going to do, I guess we will have to talk to our adviser first and see what he thinks.

I have also been watching our kids RESP's shrink as well, which I am not impressed with. That money is in there for a shorter time and I don't want to see it shrinking. This is our kids education money that will get them through their schooling without having to work. We hope.

I will wait to get our statement this month and then call our adviser and see what he thinks would be a wise move at this point.

****We have stopped monthly deductions and have started putting that deduction into our savings account each month. We have a high interest savings account earning 3% interest. In February we will contribute that Money each year, into something we feel is doing well and will continue to do well. This way we have a bit more control over our money. I am very happy with this decision. We are leaving our investments where they are for now and hope that they pick right back up. Time will tell.****

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