Monday, December 8, 2008

Chopping down the Tree

We headed out yesterday to the Thomas Tree farm in Ottawa and cut down our Christmas tree.

We had never been to this farm and it was quite nice and reasonably priced. We got there around 10am, and the weather was still pretty mild and snowing. The roads weren't to bad for traveling, most of them were fairly clear. We parked and headed to the tractor pulled wagon ride to go the trees to chop one down. Once we got out there, the wind picked up and temperatures dropped.. Boy was it cold out there.
We found a nice tree and it was a good thing, because there were lots of people. I was quite pleased with all of their trees. They weren't the tallest trees, but they were full and nicely shaped. We picked one nice tree, and husband chopped it down. It is probably a 7 footer. We got lots of pictures. We hopped back on the wagon to head back to the main area. Husband went to pay for the tree, while we got hot chocolate and cookies. We sat by the fire for a few minutes and then we went to watch the trees being cleaned and wrapped. The kids enjoyed that. It was getting pretty cold and the kids hands were freezing, so we cut it short and headed home.

The wind was mighty fierce heading home, the tree ended up on one side of the car from the wind blowing against it. The roads were terrible due to blowing snow. We made it home, and are very happy with our tree. We got it up and decorated and it looks beautiful. I would highly recommend this place, but make sure you bring cash as it is CASH ONLY...

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