Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gingerbread house party

Our annual Gingerbread house party was today, hosted by our friends. They have hosted it for many years now, and the group is getting bigger and bigger each year. It had started out with only us, and then grew the second year by two kids , and then the third year by two more kids and then this year by 8 more kids. There were a total of 14 kids making houses, and everyone brought some candy to contribute. There was a tonne of candy for decorating and mostly all of it was used.
My kids had a great time, as usual, and completely covered there house in candy. It is so full, I am shocked it hasn't collapsed from the shear weight of the candy.
We all had a great time, and we will slowly start picking the candy off the houses and eating away at it. The best treat of all.

The start of Christmas fun activities have begun and will continue right up to New Years Day!

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