Monday, December 22, 2008

Over 4 hours

My last baking day of the season. Thankfully. I am baked right out, and need a break. Yesterday I made my Cranberry Bliss bars for the Cookie exchange coming up this Tuesday. I spent over 4 hours baking the bars. I made 3X the recipe and ended up with over 120 bars. Perfect. As I need 96 for the exchange, and I have some leftovers for samples at the cookie exchange party, and for husband who would be very disappointed if there was enough.

The recipe is fairly simple, it is just 3 steps, the longest part being waiting for the bars to cool before adding the icing.

They are done and husband thinks they are better than the real thing, which he got to try last weekend at Starbucks. So 4 hours later, I end up with a very successful bar.

I have packaged them in 2 sets of 4's (as we exchange 8 each) wrapped them with parchment and saran and put them in gift bags with tissue paper.

I highly recommend if you are looking for a recipe to bake this holiday season, to try this one out. It is very festive and delicious.

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