Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dental problems

In the last few weeks, we have all visited the dentist. Only C has had to go back to have some work done. He had 2 mini cavities that needed to be filled and 2 sealants done on his 6 year old molars since he is prone to getting cavities, this should help save his adult teeth. The fillings were so small that the dentist did not need to use any freezing. The work was done, paid for and then I thought all was good.

C has been complaining for the last few days that his tooth has been sensitive. I thought it was one that was just filled and sometimes this can make the tooth sensitive to cold/hot and eating, as it has happened to me. I made an appointment for him to go in, thinking he was just going to apply a coating on his tooth to help with sensitivity. I was wrong.

Turns out C has an infection in one of his baby molars. His nerve is very close to the tooth's surface and he has a filling there. Well the nerve has died and has caused and infection. The dentist squeezed the area around the tooth and low and behold it is full of pus. GROSS.

C will need to return, in the new year of course, after a round of antibiotics to clear the infection to have a baby root canal done. This poor kid has had so much work done in his mouth already, and he is only 6 years old. I hope his adult teeth are alot stronger than his baby teeth. My fingers are crossed..

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