Monday, December 15, 2008

Real Canadian Stupidstore

This is what the Real Canadian Superstore should be called. I don't know why I go there to shop. Maybe it is the few items they have on sale each week, that draw me in, maybe it is because it is close. I don't know, but I I have to stop doing my shopping there.
Here is why.

They never have anything in stock, especially on a Monday after a busy weekend. I guess they don't have enough staff stocking shelves, because they are always empty.

Their produce is CRAP! I might as well go to Food Basics for the same quality of Produce they offer. They are very slow at pulling the rotten, soft, and damaged produce off the shelf, maybe they are hoping for one or 2 people stupid enough to waste their money on it. If their produce isn't rotten, or damaged, they don't have it.. AHHHHHH.... Very frustrating.

Their Cash.. OMG!! Why, OH Why.. They had a good cash system before, the cashier would scan and bag, then some dumb ass decided to change it, so that the bags are at the end of the counter where you park your cart ready to load it up with your purchase. Now the cashiers have to touch your food two times, scan, pile and bag. I guess it was the Stupid store's idea of bag your own, without calling it bag your own.

They don't give you your green points for bringing your own bags. Do you think I am going to line up at the Courtesy desk with 20 other people in line buying lottery tickets to get 5 PC points for bringing my own bags. I DON'T THINK SO! They need to separate the lottery tickets from the courtesy desk and then maybe they can service some customers with returns or exchanges.

Well that is my rant for the day. I did go over to the Independent grocer since the Superstore had no food, and I was pleasantly pleased, they had everything in stock the Superstore didn't. Maybe I will start shopping there more.

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