Saturday, December 13, 2008

Planning a trip to Florida

We are currently trying to plan another trip to Florida this year.
I was hoping to find some good flight deals, but so far nothing special. We are going to Panama City florida, and the flights to go there are not cheap.
To leave from Ottawa to Panama City will be well over $3500 and we will have to endure 2 layovers, 2 plane switches and 12 hours of travel time.
To leave from Montreal to Panama City, will be approximately $2300 and one layover and only 5 hours of travel time + the 2 hour drive from Ottawa. I am in no rush to book, we are going to go, and we know the dates we want to go, so even if we book last last minute, I will be prepared.

So most likely we will be choosing the Montreal departure, due to the travel time and layovers.

My parents go out to panama city every year, and rent a condo on the beach. This year we have decided to join them for about 10 days of the month they are there. They rented a 2 bedroom condo and I am very excited to go. The place has a work out room, beautiful suites and pools, waterslides and sprinklers. The kids are excited about that. The beach is supposedly known as sugar beach, because the sand is so white and soft.

Hubby on the other hand, is not impressed with the flight prices, but I am hoping after the new year, plane prices will take a drop and we will book. Our other option is to drive, but I don't know if we can hack it. It will be a cheap way to travel. We will see what happens.

I will keep you posted on our travel plans.

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