Monday, February 23, 2009

The no homework policy

I am currently working with our school council to create a no homework policy for our school.
I think are children are in school in an age where we as parents, expect homework.
I for one do not like homework. I have problems helping my daughter in grade 3 with her homework, many times going to the internet to find out how to help her. This is not right.

When most people leave work, they leave their work behind for tomorrow. In some cases, there are times we have to bring our work home. This should be the same concept for our children. They should leave school behind and the odd special project will come home now and again.

My kids both get a homework package and are expected to do homework nightly.
K needs to do math problems, counting, reading for 15 minutes as well as other work sheets related to the subjects they are currently working on. I try to get her to complete it all in one night, because it becomes a hassle on busy nights to try to squeeze it all in.

C needs to read a book each day, write down a response to this book and then do math every night. This most nights takes him 1o minutes, but depending on the length of the book he could be sitting there for 20 minutes.

There is a great article at the following link of just what the policy entails and is needed here.

I will be fighting hard for this one, but it may take time. Hopefully not to much time.

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