Monday, February 16, 2009

Winterlude Weekend 2

We went to Winterlude again.

We headed out on Family day to The Snowflake Kingdom, during the day. I know in my previous blog, I said the next time we would go, we would go in the evening, but the kids really wanted to go today. So we went.

It was crazy busy there today, as the weather here was absolutely beautiful. It was sunny and a mild high of -2.

We didn't do much sliding, as the line ups were 15-20 minutes long and the slides weren't that great. The biggest slide was closed, due to the warm temperatures, which left 3 small slides open and the tubes, which weren't the greatest because it was melting, and becoming soft.

We did however, get to see some snow sculptures, that were not there last weekend. They looked really good. The kids kept asking how they can do that out of snow. They were amazed.

We stayed about an hour and half, most of the time waiting in line, but it was a nice outing, in the fresh mild air. We got to enjoy the nice weather.

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