Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The log farm

I wasn't that impressed this year with the log farm. This year, it cost me $42 for myself, my children and a friend. That included 4 of us to tour the sugar bush($20) and 1 adult meal($8.95) and 2 kids meals($6.95)

What we got: we did a self tour of the farm, and could hardly see the animals as they were outdoors and far off. That was a bit of a disappointment to the kids.

Then the tractor again was not running. My kids again missed out on the tractor ride again this year. We are not a lazy family and do not mind the walking, but they want the fun of taking a tractor ride. Last year it did not run because there was too much snow, this year it is too muddy. So we tromped our way through mud, ice and water to the sugar bush tour area.

The tour guides(teenagers) weren't that great. Last year, they had an older gentleman who did an amazing job telling the history of the sugar bush and the process involved in making maple syrup. This year, the girls just didn't compare in their telling of history and processes. They also passed around a bucket of sap for all the kids to dip their fingers into. I am sorry, who knows where all those little fingers have been. I was very unimpressed.. I am not a germ freak, but when 40 kids and adults are all dipping fingers into one bucket of sap that grosses me out a bit. I don't see why they couldn't hand out Popsicle sticks. My kids weren't interested in tasting anyways.

After the tour, which lasted maybe 15 minutes, the kids passed on the maple taffy. We headed to get our pancake breakfast. That was the same as last year. All you can eat, eggs, pancakes, and sausages as well as juice, coffee and hot chocolate.

The kids were ready to leave after 1 hour and 20 minutes. I guess maybe with my kids getting older, they are losing interest. They have more of a been there, done that kind of attitude.

I don't think next year we will go there. Not sure if we will do the sugar bush at all, or maybe venture out farther to see what differences there are between the different places. I will decide next year. For now, the kids are happily at home, bouncing on the trampoline with their friend.

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