Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring cleaning

I love Spring.
Now that Spring has arrived, well not officially yet, but only another day to go, I have started my spring cleaning. Today I am tackling my windows, and hope to complete the task.
Here is what I have on my to do list:
*please note, items that have been completed are in red*
  1. Clean my windows,inside and out + wash those grimy screens( you wouldn't believe how much dirt is built up on the screens)
  2. Carpet Cleaning (I do this twice a year in the spring and the fall)
  3. Upholstery cleaning (I do this once a year)
  4. Curtain cleaning(I do this once a year)
  5. Dusting blinds/shades( an awful task that is done once a year)
  6. Putting away winter clothing (hurray, I love putting away the winter stuff)
  7. Organizing spring clothing ( make a long list of things the kids have grown out of that you need to buy)
  8. cleaning the car inside and out
  9. cleaning the garage-putting away winter shovels, tobaggans, toys, and bringing out the spring/summer toys and tools
  10. cleaning up the garden- this is a big job(removing tree wrap, weeding, raking, fertilizing, planting, seeding, moving shrubs)etc. This is done over the next few months
  11. Hold a garage sale! (I have the hugest pile of stuff in the basement ready to garage sale. I am sure there will be more to add to the pile before then)
  12. Move furniture and vacuum beneath it(you would be amazed what you find under furniture)
  13. changing sheets (fleece to cotton, this job is hard to do, as I love my fleece sheets!)
  14. cleaning baseboards(another awful task that is done once a year)
  15. Repaint my garage doors
My husband, who is always very helpful, has chores of his own to complete as well, this is what his spring list of chores looks like:

  1. Change our car tires from winter to all season
  2. Tune up the cars
  3. Tune up the bikes
  4. Move heavy furniture
  5. Build a picnic table(almost done)
  6. Fix the play structure(we took it a part to remove the slide/tree house portion and just keep the swing portion as the kids are getting too big for that side, but are not willing to give up the swings just yet)
  7. setting up the trampoline(job completed, need to fix one section though)
  8. checking the bbq and air conditioner to make sure they are in good working condition
  9. Build seed catcher to place under our outdoor bird feeder so the seeds don't end up in my garden.(not sure what yet, but he is very creative)
I am a very energetic and motivated person, but Spring just makes me have that much more energy and motivation to get things done.

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