Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ottawa is full of Dog Poop

Spring brings wonderful things. Warmer weather, flower buds, fresh spring air, and just a wonderful energetic feeling.

The one thing I don't like in Spring is when the snow melts and reveals what many irresponsible dog owners all over the city have left behind. A smelly disgusting pile of dog poop.

There is dog poop everywhere. On pathways, sidewalks, fields, parks and even the road.
Come on people, scoop the poop!

and please don't toss the bag outside either or leave it hanging on a tree, which is seen around here quite often. Pick it up, bag it and toss it in a garbage can, or better yet, bring it home and flush it down the toilet. Let's work together to keep our city beautiful.


rhonalala said...

Trust me, it's everywhere! Spring thaw = dog crap everywhere. And, it is disgusting!

jeff said...

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