Monday, April 27, 2009

Pink Eye

I hate pink eye.

This morning, C came downstairs and the poor boy's eyes were glued together by the thick gross discharge that comes with having pink eye. His eyes were swollen and gross looking. I got his eyes cleaned up with a warm wash cloth, and then kept him home from school to get him into the doctor's office.

The doctor confirmed what I thought he had, which is pink eye. He has started antibiotics and will have to stay home from school another day, as he is highly contagious.

My eyes are starting to feel a bit scratchy and I have decided to use some polysporin on mine, just in case. Hubby thinks I am psychosomatic as when K had lice my head itched and itched, for weeks and weeks after I knew they were all gone. I just kept thinking about it. Well now my eyes feel funny, is it pink eye, or is it me just thinking it is. I will keep you posted.

Well my eyes are fine. I have kept up with the Polysporin as a preventative. I am sure I was fine all along.

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